Kazehito Seki


Kazehito Seki is working on the limitless possibilities of musical performance with voice. Spoken, breath, scream, growl, as well as vavrious sound/noise with extended vocal techniques, his flexibility oscillates around subtle ambience and harsh brutality in a microsecond. Started with a rock band, Omawarisan (2006-2015) and went through experimental vocal improvisations at Ameri B.C (2011-2016), Tokyo Voiz Choir (2012-2016), collaborations with various musicians, dancers, visual artists, etc, and solo, his ongoing expedition is proceeding as Self Toxication (Solo/2016-), BNSU (Duo/2016-), and various collaborations.
As Self Toxication, making the most of the instruments directly related to voice and its amplification: his vocal organ, microphone/s, and a mixer, he performs distinctive music with "electric" voice and feedbacks.
Since 2015, he has been touring as much as possible. He has toured Europe and Japan extensively, South-East Asia, USA, and Mexico so far.

Kazehito Seki / 関 風人
声を使った音楽表現の限りない可能性を探求している。 発声器官から出るあらゆる音を声と捉え、話し声や吐息から叫びや唸り、そして特殊技法による多彩な音やノイズを駆使し、繊細な空気感や苛烈な暴力性を柔軟に飛び回る。
ロックバンド、おまわりさん(2006-2015)に始まり、Ameri B.C(2011-2016)、Tokyo Voiz Choir(2012-2016)をはじめとするバンド/グループや、多様な音楽家、ダンサー、映像作家他とのコラボレーションやソロでの実験的な声の即興演奏を経て、現在Self Toxication (ソロ/2016-)、BNSU (デュオ/2016-)、他にて活動中。
Self Toxicationは、自身の発声器官、マイク、ミキサーという、声とその音響に直結した極力最小限の要素を活用(誤用)し、増幅された声とフィードバックによる独自の音楽表現を行う。

Audio sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDpS_-Ig9Uk